Dozens injured after plane crash in eastern Russia | News | DW | 19.12.2016
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Dozens injured after plane crash in eastern Russia

An airplane has crashed over the Sakha Republic region of Russia. Initial reports said 32 were wounded, 16 of them critically.

An airplane carrying around 40 people has crashed in Siberia, the Russian army said on Monday. Local media said that 32 people had been injured, and that three of them were in "grave condition."

The military said an Il-18 aircraft carrying some 32 passengers, mostly officers, and eight crew members made an emergency crash landing in the north of the Sakha Republic region. Sakha officials said the incident was caused by "a strong sidewind with gusts." The plane went down about 30 kilometers (18 miles) away from its intended destination near the city of Tiksi.

Russian news agencies reported that 16 of the 32 casualties were in serious condition, but authorities have confirmed that there were no deaths. The wounded were transferred to a regional hospital, and a statement from the Russian Defense Ministry said they were preparing special airlifts to evacuate some of the victims to St. Petersburg if necessary.

Moscow confirmed that high winds were the likely cause of the crash, and also said that a team of investigators had already left for the crash site.

es/tj (AP, Reuters)