DO′s and DON′Ts for new IMS students | Curriculum | International Media Studies | DW | 05.10.2012
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DO's and DON'Ts for new IMS students

29 budding media professionals from 21 countries have begun their Master's program in Bonn. They're the fourth group of students taking part in the International Media Studies program.

What bits of advice could they pass on to the new students attending the two-year program? Student representatives Christine Bukania and Tilman Wagen wanted to do more than just offer welcoming words at the IMS opening ceremony. So they gave the 29 new students some DO's and DON'Ts for adjusting to IMS life in Bonn.

Bonn and Culture:

  • DON'T underestimate Bonn - there's more to do and see than meets the eye.
  • DO make good use of those Bonn Coupons you received before they expire - they give you a good introduction to the city.
  • DON'T keep great deals and free tickets to yourself - if you share, you'll make new friends and your popularity will grow exponentially.


  • DO feel welcome at Deutsche Welle and the IMS.
  • DON'T let others tell you what the IMS is about - find out for yourself.
  • DO enjoy life here and have fun in and outside Deutsche Welle. But save some energy for the IMS.
  • DON'T get frustrated if things don't go the way you planned. Voice your concerns and find a solution - together.
  • DO explore the opportunities DW offers to learn more and find your focus - there's lots to discover.
  • DON'T miss the field trips organized by DW Akademie - you never know what you'll learn there.
  • DO try to be on time - no, just be on time. Believe us, we know from experience!
  • And most importantly:
  • DON'T panic! If you're not clear about your path when you start, it will clear up as you go along.
Offizielle Begrüßung des vierten Jahrgangs International Media Studies. 29 Studenten haben im Oktober 2012 ihr zweijähriges Masterstudium begonnen. Die DW Akademie richtet diesen Studiengang zusammen mit der Hochschule Bonn-Rhein-Sieg aus. Deutsche Welle DW-Akademie Gruppenfoto IMS 2012, Studienjahrgangseröffnung International Media Studies. Masterstudiengang. Foto DW/Per Henriksen 01.10.2012

All new: 29 media professionals about to begin their studies at DW Akademie's master program IMS

Interaction and help:

  • DO connect with your peers. They're fountains of knowledge and could become your best friends.
  • DON'T hesitate to ask for help - the sooner the better. There's always someone in the IMS who'll understand and help out. That also includes us - although we might not look it, we're actually very nice.
  • DO accept the fact that not everyone will share your opinion - yours is a unique and mixed group of students. And no doubt you’ll become experts in intercultural communication!
  • DON'T keep the foosball all to yourselves - the rest of us also like to play!
  • And last but not least:
  • DO come to our parties! They're great!

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