Do you know any bizarre or funny traditions? | Euromaxx | DW | 26.07.2019
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Do you know any bizarre or funny traditions?

There are customs and traditions everywhere in the world. They are firmly anchored in their local cultures. Every region, every small town has its own traditions, so it's almost impossible to know all of them..

Europe is so colorful and varied that one can hardly imagine it. Its rituals and traditions often seem very unusual too. Some have grown up over the years, others have been motivated by pure pleasure. Whatever, they almost all have great entertainment value.

That’s what we’re looking for in our Euromaxx series “Quirky Customs” too. Our reporters don't just report from the ground, they also go the extra mile to really be part of the traditional festivals they visit – for example, throwing themselves down steep slopes after cheeses or walking through villages dressed wrapped in straw as carnival bears.

What funny, bizarre or extraordinary traditions and festivals do you have in your own home countries? Drop us a line! As a thank you, we will be raffling an exclusive Euromaxx wristwatch amongst all participants.

In my homeland there is this tradition: .... 

The closing date for entries is 26 July 2019, 12 noon UTC. Our decision is final. Good luck.

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