DNA Against Doggy Droppings | News and current affairs from Germany and around the world | DW | 25.03.2005

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DNA Against Doggy Droppings

DNA analysis is useful in solving crimes, determining parentage and making medical advances. Now, officials in Dresden have decided it can also help get rid of a nasty nuisance littering city sidewalks.

Leaving no traces of DNA behind

Leaving no traces of DNA behind

Dresden politicians have finally had enough. They're sick of the daily obstacle course on their city's sidewalks. Tired of searching in vain for a clean spot to picknick in the park.

They're ready to employ high-tech methods to crack down on a public plague -- doggy doo.

The advisory council for a Dresden city district received resounding support for a proposal to take saliva samples from all local dogs.

Modern DNA analysis techniques would then be used to locate the dogs responsible for the offending piles, so that their owners can be punished for neglecting to poop and scoop.

The district's proposal is not yet binding, however. For it to become law, the idea has to pass a vote in the city council.

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