Dirk Nowitzki to stay with NBA′s Dallas Mavericks for one more year | Sports| German football and major international sports news | DW | 02.03.2016
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Dirk Nowitzki to stay with NBA's Dallas Mavericks for one more year

The sixth-best scorer in NBA history will stick around for at least one more year. The German is adored by the Dallas Mavericks' fans - and he was even given his own unique burger for home matches.

The biggest name in German basketball and Dallas Mavericks history, Dirk Nowitzki, has decided to see out his current contract until 2017, but has not yet confirmed whether he will seek an extension.

"When the contract is up, I will be 39. That is an old age in bsaketball. I will have to sit down with my family and think: is this still fun? Am I still fit?" said Nowitzki in an interview with Germany's "Sky Sport News".

Nowitzki, 37, is currently the sixth highest scorer in NBA history, and about 2,300 points behind Wilt Chamberlain for fifth. He also won the NBA Finals in 2011, was named the Finals MVP that year, and is a 13-time NBA All-Star. He has scored in double figures every season since 1999-2000 for Dallas.

A fan favorite, Nowitzki had a burger named after him, dubbed the "Dirkburger," which will be served in the American Airlines Arena, the home arena of the Dallas Mavericks, and will cost $12 (11 euros).