Development Minister Intends More R&D Funding | Germany| News and in-depth reporting from Berlin and beyond | DW | 05.05.2004
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Development Minister Intends More R&D Funding

Germany will aim to increase spending on research and development by 2010, to three percent of the GNP, according to Development Minister Edelgard Bulhman. She made the announcement in Berlin, at the presentation of the 2004 report on research and development. Currently the percentage of GNP that goes toward R&D is 2.5 percent. According to Bulhman, German spending in that area rose from €1billion ($1.2 bn) in 1998 to a current €9 billion. Some 23 percent of all research spending has gone to the former East German states, she said. Meanwhile, the minister said, Germany has asserted its position in the international technology market. In terms of research-intensive goods, Germany has a world market share of 14.9 percent, second to the United States, which as 19.4 percent.