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Men in Uniform

March 6, 2009

Fed up with being single, a woman from Schwelm in the Ruhr Valley dialled emergency services in a bid to meet a policeman.

A row of policemen with raised guns
All she wanted was someone to cosy up toImage: picture-alliance/Bildfunk

Some people will do anything to get a date. In the space of an hour, one lonely 44-year-old woman repeatedly called the police to report an emergency: She needed a man.

She'd been single long enough, she said, and felt the answer was to take the law into her own hands, as it were.

While she admitted that she'd had a few drinks, she was quite to the point. She wanted an officer who might be of assistance -- and she'd keep on calling until her dream came true.

She got to meet a policeman soon enough. After her 13th call, a patrol van rolled up outside her house to investigate. And although officers often have to do things they may not like in the line of duty, the one who knocked on her front door was far from obliging, and merely relieved the culprit of her cell phone battery.

By then, the lovesick cold caller had sobered up and was quick to apologize. She even promised to drop off a cake at the precinct the next day.