#dealwithme: Seeking acceptance - Full episode | #dealwithme | Life Links | DW | 15.11.2014
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#dealwithme: Seeking acceptance - Full episode

A Jew in Hungary, a young woman with albinism in Kenya and a refugee in Germany: Ali, David and Leonidah know what discrimination feels like. And they want it to stop.

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#dealwithme: Seeking acceptance - Full episode

A descendant of Holocaust survivors, 23-year-old David is proud to be Jewish. In Hungary however, that’s becoming increasingly problematic. In a country that’s shifted to the right in recent years, discrimination and stigmatization of minorities seems to have become socially acceptable. David is trying to fight the trend.

19-year-old Ali has been a refugee almost all of his life. He’s currently living in a shelter on the outskirts of Berlin far away from his family. When he was a baby, his parents were forced to leave Afghanistan for Iran. But life there wasn’t any better; the family faced discrimination, threats and imprisonment on a regular basis. Hoping for a brighter future, Ali left Iran and fled to Germany two years ago. But even there, surrounded by a wealthy and healthy society, he’s struggling for acceptance.

To be accepted for who she is and what she looks like - that’s what Leonidah wants. The 24-year-old lives in Nairobi, Kenya, and has albinism. In the past decades, this rare genetic condition was almost equivalent to a death sentence. People with albinism were persecuted, mutilated and killed. Leonidah knows this all too well. She can’t find a job and is afraid to go out alone at night. But she’s hanging in there.

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