Deadly suicide attack hits military bus in Afghan capital | News | DW | 26.01.2014
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Deadly suicide attack hits military bus in Afghan capital

A suicide bomber has attacked an Afghan army bus in Kabul, killing four people and injuring numerous others. It comes amid a surge in violence in the capital in recent days.

Two army officers and two civilians died on Sunday when a bomber on foot blew himself up next to a military bus in the eastern part of Kabul, police said.

Twenty-two others, including two more civilians, were also injured, according to defense ministry spokesman General Zahir Azimi. The bus was reportedly taking defense ministry staff to work.

Taliban insurgents have claimed responsibility for the attack, saying that 27 Afghan troops had been killed or wounded. The insurgents regularly exaggerate death tolls after attacks.

Security officials said the Afghan capital was hit by at least two other attacks in the previous 24 hours, with two people wounded in a blast late on Saturday and a rocket attack near Kabul's international airport that claimed no casualties.

Sunday's attack came less than 10 days after an assault on a Kabul restaurant on January 17 killed 21 foreigners and Afghans. Three United Nations staff and the International Monetary Fund's top representative in Afghanistan were among the people killed in that attack.

tj/jr (dpa, Reuters, AFP)