DAX reshuffle mulled at Frankfurt Stock Exchange | Business| Economy and finance news from a German perspective | DW | 05.09.2012
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DAX reshuffle mulled at Frankfurt Stock Exchange

A special working group at the German Stock Exchange is currently assessing the need for a reshuffle of Germany's blue chip DAX-30. Analysts expect Conti and Lanxess to replace Metro and MAN in first-division trading.

Auditors at the Deutsche Börse Group in Frankfurt on Wednesday are analyzing the performance of the 30 top stocks listed in the country's blue chip index DAX. The results of the assessment are to be announced on Wednesday evening, and any changes required will come into effect on September 24.

Analysts already take it for granted that there will be a reshuffle in the first-division trading index comprising companies based in Germany and posting the highest revenue figures.

Market pundits expect two newcomers in the DAX, Continental and Lanxess. The two are likely to replace truck maker MAN and retailer Metro which have both suffered from a difficult business environment and declining revenues as a result.

Two success stories

"Conti looks certain to make it into the DAX again," LBBW index expert Uwe Streich told DPA news agency. It would mark the car part supplier's return to the blue chip league after the company dropped out of it back in 2008, caused by a takeover bid from its erstwhile rival Schaeffler.

But Continental's recovery in the second-division MDAX has been remarkable. From an all-time low in 2009 when stocks sold for 10 euros ($12.53) apiece, shares have gained about 700 percent in market value.

For chemical company Lanxess, belonging to the DAX-30 would be a new experience. The spin-off from the Bayer Group is less than ten years old and has recently pushed through a large-scale restructuring program that led to a significant jump in its profitability.

hg/msh (Reuters, dpa)