Düsseldorf′s Rose Monday Parade on Sunday | DW Travel | DW | 11.03.2016
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Düsseldorf's Rose Monday Parade on Sunday

Düsseldorf's Rose Monday parade has been rescheduled for Sunday 13th March because of a storm warning. Good news for the half a million spectators expected to turn up.

The delayed Rose Monday parade on Sunday is set to be even bigger than originally planned. There will be an additional eight groups on foot according to Hermann Schmitz, Head of the Carnival Procession, adding that "some people are coming for the very first time". It's estimated that around 500,000 people will join the celebrations.

The Rose Monday parade, originally scheduled to take place on February 8th, was postponed in Düsseldorf and various other places due to stormy weather.

Michael Laumen, President of the Düsseldorf Carnival Committee, has urged visitors to dress up despite the later date. In the procession itself, around 10,000 revellers will parade through the state capital of North Rhine-Westphalia with the usual satirical floats.

isi/nr (dpa)