Corona and the Equality Gap | Global 3000 - The Globalization Program | DW | 16.10.2020

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Global 3000

Corona and the Equality Gap

In the early days of the pandemic it was often said that we are all in this together, however rich or poor, privileged or marginalized. But that's not true.

The virus that doesn’t respect social status, that affects everyone in the same way and that will leave greater human solidarity in its wake. A fallacy: This health crisis has laid bare the disparities between the haves and the have-nots like no other in living memory.


Covid-19, the great unequalizer

There's a huge divide between rich and poor in many countries. Extreme inequality seems to go along with very high rates of coronavirus infection and Covid-19 death.

How Uruguay got Covid-19 under control

The government acted swiftly to slow the spread of the virus and introduce widespread testing -- in line with the science. The country also has a public healthcare system that really works.
Uruguay, Montevideo, Covid-19, pandemic, public healthcare, welfare state

Indonesia: Coronavirus baby boom

More free time, poverty and a lack of access to contraception during the lockdown have led to a surge in births. Many pregnancies were unwanted. This has serious consequences for the families and the country as a whole.
Indonesia, lockdown, coronavirus baby boom, contraception, poverty

Gobal Teen: Kenya

Faith Kathure is a cheerful 17-year-old who lives in the village of Matunda. She loves going to school and writing poems. A sense of gratitude underlies her joyful nature.
Kenya, Faith Kathure, Global Teen

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