Constructive Journalism Fellowship | constructive-journalism | DW | 10.06.2021

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Constructive Journalism

Constructive Journalism Fellowship

The Constructive Journalism Lab offers a fellowship for media professionals from the Middle East and Africa. APPLICATIONS ARE CLOSED!

The COVID-19 pandemic has changed the lives of people all over the world. The media has been playing a vital role in providing reliable information throughout the crisis. But it can do much more. It has great potential to point to solutions and possible ways forward.  For the first time, DW Akademie offers a Constructive Journalism Fellowship for TV, multimedia and video journalists, photographers and documentary filmmakers from the MENA region and Africa. It is a four-month fellowship which will bring together 15 talented media professionals who want to learn more about constructive storytelling and connect with like-minded professionals. 

The Constructive Journalism Lab (CJL) is conducted over the course of four months and offers the following elements: 

1. A series of tailored online-trainings

The virtual training modules will take place between September and December 2021. They will be led by inspiring international trainers and touch on theories of constructive journalism as well as practical aspects such as constructive storytelling and visual language. The trainings look at how to produce visual stories constructively, how to approach highly controversial topics and how to sell and disseminate a constructive story. They will also provide the fellows with valuable skills in an emerging modern form of journalism and prepare them to apply constructive journalism in your daily work. They will receive 11-13 days of training in total, split into several blocks.

2. Financial support and mentoring for a constructive visual project: 

Each fellow produces one visual project (e.g., a TV report, short documentary, photo series). They will receive up to 3,500 Euros for the production. The project must somehow be linked to the new reality experienced during the pandemic. This is a chance to step back from breaking news and take a deeper look at presenting solutions and portraying people that overcome challenges and explore ways forward. Each fellow is matched with a highly skilled professional who supports them with their project. These mentors will regularly spend (virtual) 1:1 time with their mentees for the time of the production. Projects should be finalized by December 2021. 

3. Networking opportunities:  

In a series of several get-togethers, fellows will be exposed to a wider network of constructive journalists, media professionals and filmmakers. By connecting them with a growing community of constructive journalists, we strive for continuous exchange of resources, knowledge and best practices. Our aim is to create an inspiring international network of visionary professionals.  

4. Screening of visual project at a constructive journalism festival:  

We plan to host a festival early 2022 that will bring together all fellows, trainers and mentors of the fellowship as well as other constructive visual media professionals from the target region. The nature of the festival whether in person, hybrid or entirely virtual – will depend on the COVID-19 situation at the time. The CJL festival will provide the fellows with the opportunity to present their own work internationally and meet like-minded professionals. 

5. Upon completion, each fellow will be given a certificate by DW Akademie.