Conspiracy theories on the internet | Shift Videos | DW | 11.08.2016
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Shift Videos

Conspiracy theories on the internet

Conspiracy theorists have found a very effective broadcast medium: the internet is brimming with users preaching about chemtrails, reptiloids and the hollow Earth. Of course, they have as many debunkers, too.

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Conspiracy theories on the internet

The internet has proven a highly effective means of spreading conspiracy theories. The anonymity of the web and its tendency to create echo chambers of like-minded opinions combine to propagate rumors and unsubstantiated theories. They quickly start to snowball. A case in point is the Lammsbräu brewery, which is having the barcodes on their bottles automatically crossed through, because some customers believe they concentrate negative energy in the product. This step caused some commotion in the internet. Critics worry it will only serve to legitimize the barcode conspiracy theory.

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