Connecticut boozefest lands dozens in Hartford hospitals | News | DW | 22.07.2017
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Connecticut boozefest lands dozens in Hartford hospitals

Police in the US state of Connecticut say more than 90 people were hospitalized during a concert featuring Chance the Rapper. Authorities say more people than usual were taken to hospitals for excessive drinking.

In addition to about 100 people hospitalized for largely alcohol-related reasons at Friday's Hot 93.7 Hot Jam concert at Xfinity Theatre, Hartford deputy police chief Brian Foley said the more than 70 officers assigned to the event arrested 50 others for underage drinking. Foley said the crowd of teens and 20-somethings engaged in "extremely prevalent" partying and excessive alcohol consumption and that underage drinkers made up a large number of people hospitalized for "severe intoxication."

Fire captain Raul Ortiz told the Hartford Courant newspaper that a typical concert in the city might see 60 people taken to hospitals for drug or alcohol use, but Friday's "constant cycling of transports" had overwhelmed his department. Hartford's ambulance company had to call in additional resources from nearby branches and medics took victims to nearby communities as the city's hospitals grew inundated with the young drunks.

Police issued most of those charged with underage drinking a summons to appear in court and made several other arrests throughout the evening. Local residents attempted to make light of the incident on social media.

Headlined by Chance the Rapper and drawing more than 21,000 fans, the concert also featured Kyle, PnB Rock and ANoyd.

mkg/jm (AP, Hartford Courant)