Connect with the voices of today and tomorrow at the Interactive Corner | Global Media Forum | DW | 10.06.2016
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Global Media Forum

Connect with the voices of today and tomorrow at the Interactive Corner

Make the most of your breaks at the Global Media Forum! Meet fellow participants over coffee and talk shop with media exports during lunch at the Interactive Corner.

Journalism, they say, is the first draft of history - a big assignment that no one journalist can write alone. Collaboration is the key to covering a complex and rapidly changing word.

To help build such a community of aspiring and established journalists and media professionals, the Deutsche Welle Global Media Forum (GMF) invites its participants to join the action at its Interactive Corner.

The corner aims to promote lively, informal discussions, connecting participants and with each other and with experts, all in grappling with the conference's big questions.

This year, the GMF is partnering with Orange Magazine – European Youth Press, a team of international young journalists covering the forum, to facilitate a lively meeting and Q&A session with invited experts. Two Straight from the storytellers sessions will be held at the forum, during the lunch breaks on June 13 and 14.

Straight from the Storytellers willgive young journalists a chance to sit down with veteran media professionals and discuss whatever is on their mind - from challenges in the field to tips on how to overcome them. Structured as an open conversation, the topics can be customized to what matters most to each participant.

Participants are also invited to drop by during coffee breaks for a round of Speed cONnect sessions, a rapid-fire way to meet new people and spark new ideas. And on the final day of the conference, Global Experience will be hosting a special Silent Speed cONnect session, in which participants will learn to introduce themselves to others using sign language.

Furthermore, participants are welcome to stop by the corner at any time to chat, film a message with our video team, or leave one on our message board.

“The annual Deutsche Welle Global Media Forum provides journalists and practitioners an opportunity to come together and discuss the intricate and ever evolving role of journalism in society. With the Interactive Corner, we aim to foster partnerships with a long term view of promoting collaboration for stories and projects that will define and advance journalism as a practice and profession,” said GMF managing director Patrick Leusch.

Interactive Corner event schedule

Monday, June 13

Lunch break: Straight from the storytellers (featuring conversations with Anya Schiffrin at 12:45 p.m. and Hossein Derakshan at 1:20 p.m.)

Coffee break: Speed cONnect

Tuesday, June 14

Coffee break #1: Speed cONnect

Lunch break: Straight from the storytellers (featuring conversations with Abdullah Eshamy at 1:15 p.m. and Ines Pohl at 2:00 p.m.)

Coffee break #2: Speed cONnect

Wednesday, June 15

Coffee break: Sign language speed cONnect

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