Coming Home – Egypt, Morocco, Tunisia | DocFilm | DW | 07.06.2010

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Coming Home – Egypt, Morocco, Tunisia

What does home really mean? Three people from three northern African nations, Egypt, Morocco and Tunisia, journey to the lands of their youth, the scenes of their childhoods, their earliest memories – to their roots.

Coming Home

Coming Home

How are their relatives living now? What about their countries has changed? Each episode focuses on a protagonist who comes from one of three northern African countries and has been living in Germany for several years. Azza from Egypt, Mohamed from Morocco and Kaouther from Tunisia provide a personal glimpse behind the scenes of life in their home countries. Coming Home – a personal journey of self-exploration and discovery in the Arab world.

Part 1: Egypt

06.2010 DW-TV Im Focus Expedition Heimat 2

Azza Hassan in front of the Pyramids of Giza at the edge of Cairo

For twenty years now the Egyptian journalist and author Azza Hassan has been living in Berlin. Every year she travels to her native country. But this time her visit will be more in-depth. A camera team will accompany her and the trip will become a search for clues. How are her family doing in Cairo? What are her relatives doing? What do her friends think? How is the country changing? Azza’s journey will provide an intimate insight into the life of Egyptian society. The question that arises for Azza is: what does ‘home’ mean?

Part 2: Morocco

06.2010 DW-TV Im Focus Expedition Heimat 3

Mohamed Massad in his favorite town Essaouira

The author and journalist Mohamed Massad lives in Saarbrücken, in south-west Germany. He often travels to his old home Morocco for private and professional reasons. Tangier, Ketama, Fez, Rabat, Casablanca, Essaouira: this time he will be visiting the places that shaped his life until he came to Germany twelve years ago. He will visit his family, meet his friends and talk to politicians. Mohamed will learn about the changes in Moroccan society and will try to find out where he fits in here. Is Morocco still his home?

Part 3: Tunisia

06.2010 DW-TV Im Focus Expedition Heimat 1

Kaouther Tabai meets her half-sister after 15 years of separation

For almost twenty years now, Kaouther Tabai, an author and IT specialist, has been living in Munich. She only rarely travels to her former home, Tunisia. This time she wants to take the time to meet people she hasn’t seen for a long time and maybe also explore the country anew for herself. From the city of Tunis to the wild Cape Bon, form the sacred city of Kairouan to the oases of the south, Kaouther sets off in search of discoveries and intensive encounters.

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