Come and See My World! | DW Transtel | DW | 18.01.2018
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DW Transtel

Come and See My World!

CHILDREN | Documentary (30 Min.)

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Jessica from Colombia is a member of the indigenous Jitamagaro tribe. On her 10th birthday, in accordance with ancient custom, she will receive her second, traditional name. 13-year-old Emil from Bosnia and Herzegovina wants to overcome his fear of heights so that at some point in the future, as the brave men of his home town have done for centuries, he will be able to jump from the famous Mostar Bridge into the river below. Florentine from Germany is a top competitive athlete – in a wheelchair. One of her disciplines is monoskiing. Will she make it into the junior Paralympics squad? Crazy hobbies, commitment to a cause, everyday problems and the courage to tackle new challenges: The lives of our protagonists are as interesting and diverse as their home countries. They invite us to take a look: Come and See My World!