Colombia′s cable car system | Global Ideas | DW | 01.02.2011
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Global Ideas

Colombia's cable car system

Located on hill slopes, the city of Medellin uses cable cars to make local transport more efficient.

Cable cars (Source: DW)

Project goal: Improving infrastructure in Medellin, making it greener and more convenient for the public
Project scale: Six cable car lines: three are already operating and a further three are under construction
Project investment: $43 million (2009)
CO2 savings: 157,000 tons (2009)

Medellin is the second-largest city in Colombia, and many of its suburbs line the steep slopes of the Aburrá Valley. Scenic as it is, the city is an urban planner’s nightmare. For many of the city’s residents, the journey to the center of town is a long and arduous one, involving crowded diesel buses and shared taxis negotiating narrow, hilly roads. But Medellin’s authorities have come up with an innovative solution: six cablecars that link the outskirts of the city to the center.

A film by Alexa Meyer and Patrick Benning

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Colombia's cable car system