Cochlear implant surgery in Uganda | Africa | DW | 22.09.2021

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Cochlear implant surgery in Uganda

Cochlear implants can help the deaf hear but they are scarce in developing countries. Uganda started doing cochlear implants in 2015. Now specialists want the government to make the surgery available to poor families.

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Cochlear implant surgery is the last alternative for children when a hearing aid and other interventions fail. Cochlear implantation has become more accessible in Uganda. Kampala Audiology and Speech Centre is a reference institution. According to KASC, hearing impairment affects almost 12% of adults. Many Ugandans believe they have been witchcrafted and don't seek proper treatment for their impairment. The surgery lasts from one to two hours. It depends on the anatomy and congenital anomalies. Many families can't afford surgery. Experts want the government to offer support for interventions.