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Climate change and fishing

September 17, 2013

Fishermen in the Philippines are facing a crisis as climate change leads to dwindling fish stocks.

Image: Mabel Grundlach

How the Fishing Industry is Tackling Climate Change

Project goal: Fisheries management and mangrove reforestation to prevent coastal erosion
Project type: climate change adaptation
Project size: measures affect more than 10,000 fishermen in the region
Project volume: The International Climate Initiative has donated 4,397,000 euros ($5.84 million) to the environmental organization Conservation International to support projects in the Philippines

The Isla Verde Passage, which stretches along the coast of the northern Philippines, boasts one of the world’s most complex ocean eco-systems with one of the largest variety of marine species. Many fishermen benefit from the rich biodiversity. But erratic weather patterns, a rapidly eroding coastline and rising water temperatures are threatening to destroy the ocean’s fragile eco-system and the only means of surivival for many. But now, new intiatives are teaching locals to be more aware of their environment by fishing less, for example. Local residents are also expanding the tourism industry and planting mangroves, which help prevent the coast from eroding further.

A film by Mabel Gundlach