Classical from the Beethovenfest - Beethoven: Triple Concerto | BTHVN2020 | DW | 04.10.2012
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Classical from the Beethovenfest - Beethoven: Triple Concerto

Beethoven's Triple Concerto is seldom played today - incomprehensibly so, said Cem Mansur, who has often conducted it and loves the unusual mix of a piano trio and orchestra.

Beethoven ile Bulusma 4

Ludwig van Beethoven:
Concerto in C Major, op. 56 for piano, violin, cello and orchestra (Triple Concerto)
Hande Küden (violin)
Efe Baltacigil (cello)
Hüseyin Sermet (piano)
Turkish National Youth Philharmonic Orchestra
Conductor: Cem Mansur

MP3 recorded by Deutsche Welle (DW) in the Beethoven Hall on September 19, 2012

With this unconventional concerto setting, Beethoven entered no man's land. Offering the work to his publisher in 1804, he stressed that "a concertante for violin, cello and piano with an entire orchestra is really something new."

Beethoven lets the solo instruments combine again and again here in new ways - sometimes alone with the orchestra's backing, one after another, then in pairs, and, finally, as a trio. Conductor Cem Mansur sees that as a reason that the "Triple Concerto" is so seldom performed.

"It's not easy to find three good soloists for it, who can harmonize perfectly with one another. Because the concerto is in fact a chamber music trio with orchestral backing," Mansur said.

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