Classic Media Training | Training | DW | 04.02.2012
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Classic Media Training

A professional approach to the media is essential for communicating with people, representing a company and its products or an organization and its aims in public.

A professional approach with the media is essential when communicating with the public, representing your company and its products or your organization and its goals. It's a journalist's job to ask questions. They might be looking for information or wanting your opinion on a specific issue. And it's your task to answer those questions clearly and accurately.

Learning confidence and professionalism

Few people have a natural talent when it comes to being interviewed on the radio or television. For most, it's a stressful experience. You can, however, learn how to appear confidently and competently when dealing with the media. DW Akademie offers media training workshops tailored to meet your specific needs.

You can book an individual media training course made up of a range of modules such as:

• introduction to how journalists work
• interview training
• answers in critical situations
• your rights in an interview
• formulating statements concisely and accurately
• tips and tricks in front of cameras and microphones
• preparing for appearances in public
• body language