China′s quiz for good communists | Asia| An in-depth look at news from across the continent | DW | 28.06.2016
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China's quiz for good communists

The Communist Party of China has assigned its members an online quiz, mandatory for members of government institutions. But everyone can take part, and DW decided to give it a go.

This DW test-taker expected to be asked about Karl Marx or communist ideology. So the first question came as a bit of a surprise: "Party members who have been sentenced to prison for less than three years will additionally incur the following penalties: a) A written warning b) Dismissal from party office c) Admonishment d) Expulsion from the party."

But it wasn't just the first question of twenty - chosen at random from a total of 300 - that dealt with criminal deeds. The second: What are the internal party procedures if a prosecutor doesn't press charges after an investigation is initiated?

Of the twenty questions that DW was given, more than half had to do with corruption. How can the party fight it? Which consequences does it have? In others, Beijing tested DW's knowledge of the party's internal electoral procedure.

Only one question had to do with the party's program: "2016 is the year of the decisive phase for the construction of a prosperous society and the year of structural change. What is most important for a successful start to the 13th Five-year-plan? a) Innovation b) Stability c) Reform d) Development."

Screenshot Chinas Quizshow für gute Kommunisten

A screenshot from the quiz

It's a tough one, if only because it's so vague. China needs stability, without a doubt. But innovation and reform are certainly required for structural change. And only then can development be carried forward in the world's most populous country.

Where to turn when you don't know the answer? Baidu, China's search engine giant, is not a bad place to start. Copy, paste, enter! And, indeed, Baidu knows. "Development and growth" has been a dominant topic in recent coverage by China's state-controlled media. The answer is clear: development.

This was taking the hard way. All 300 questions and their correct answers are already online, sorted by topic and relevance.

But, alas, DW has neither an organization number nor a staff number in the Communist Party apparatus to enter at the end. This perfect score unfortunately won't be counted.

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