China′s Congress reappoints Premier Li Keqiang and names new anti-graft watchdog | News | DW | 18.03.2018
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China's Congress reappoints Premier Li Keqiang and names new anti-graft watchdog

Li Keqiang has kept the second-highest post in the Communist Party. Yang Xiaodu is set to lead President Xi Jinping's massive anti-graft campaign as head of the new National Supervisory Commission.

Chinese Premier Li Keqiang taking an oath of office (Reuters/J. Lee)

Premier Li Keqiang

China's rubber-stamp parliament on Sunday appointed Premier Li Keqiang to a second five-year term. It also appointed the director of a new anti-corruption agency.

The National People's Congress voted 2,964 to 2 in favor of reappointing Li to the post, the second highest in the ruling Communist Party.

Li's power has nevertheless faded in recent years since President Xi Jinping, who was unanimously reappointed on Saturday, transferred many responsibilities for economic policy to the president's office.

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Corruption fighter

The Congress also voted in favor of Yang Xiaodu to become the first director of the National Supervisory Commission. The body was recently created from a fusion of the Communist Party's internal anti-corruption office and another body that oversaw the Chinese civil service.

Yang Xiaodu (picture-alliance/Photox/Imaginechina)

Yang Xiaodu will oversee Xi's far-reaching anti-corruption crackdown

Since taking office in 2013, Xi has overseen an extensive anti-graft crackdown that has claimed more than a million party members.

The National Supervisory Commission is set to extend the campaign to non-party members working in the civil service and to state-owned companies, including state-backed schools, hospitals and institutes.

Wang Qishan, who previously led the party's internal anti-corruption office, was appointed Xi's deputy on Saturday.

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