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China: Man tries to smuggle 100 live snakes in his pants

July 10, 2024

Chinese customs said they had seized 104 of the reptiles, including milk snakes and corn snakes, many of which were non-native species.

American corn snakes
Some of the snakes found were corn snakesImage: Creative Touch Imaging Ltd./NurPhoto/picture alliance

China has detained a man after custom officials "discovered" more than 100 live snakes in his pants.

According to authorities, the man was stopped in his tracks at Futian Port on the border between the Chinese administrative region of Hong Kong and the mainland city of Shenzhen.

Customs officials found six cloth bags with snakes hidden in the man's clothing.

"Upon inspection, customs officers discovered that the pockets of the trousers the passenger was wearing were packed with six canvas drawstring bags and sealed with tape," the statement said.

Milk and corn snakes

"Once opened, each bag was found to contain living snakes in all kinds of shapes, sizes and colors."

The statement said officers seized 104 of the reptiles, including milk snakes and corn snakes. Many of the snakes were non-native species.

Chinese laws prohibit the import of non-native animals.

The customs report did not elaborate on what penalties the man would face. 

jsi/lo (AFP, dpa)