China: 3-D computer graphics | Asia | DW | 17.06.2008
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China: 3-D computer graphics

Twenty students and instructors completed a four-week course in advanced computer graphics at the renowned Beijing Film Academy in China.

A set table with wine and fruits

Project manager Thomas Pothier taught both theory and practice in the use of modern 3-D computer graphics when planning and designing film productions. After the theoretical part of the class comes the practical application on the computer: for example, creating the scenery for a candlelit dinner for two. The visualization of the scene must, among other things, take into account the correct lighting and the right camera angle.

The course was given at the request of the Beijing Film Academy and was the continuation of a project that began in September 2005.

A modern room with a table and two chairs

Deutsche Welle has been supporting the Beijing Film Academy since 1996. As part of its program to modernize and expand its curriculum, the film academy had requested several courses in computer graphics, video editing and production management for the further education of its instructors and its more advanced students.

For his many years of commitment, DW Akademie project leader Thomas Pothier was awarded an honorary professorship in 2007 by Prof. Zhang Huijun, president of the Beijing Film Academy.