Chemnitz ahead of State Elections | Reporter - On Location | DW | 24.08.2019

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Chemnitz ahead of State Elections

State elections will be held in Saxony on Sept. 1. The right-wing populist AfD party wants to become the strongest political force in the country. Nick Kedzierski, a martial artist from Chemnitz, is undecided who to vote for.

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Nick Kedzierski from Chemnitz is a successful martial artist. He says many in the martial arts scene here tend to support the far right. Kedzierski finds that hard to deal with, because he's against xenophobia. He's had plenty of controversial discussions with his grandparents, who feel uneasy that so many asylum seekers have come to the city. Nick Kedzierski says the tone of political discussions has grown harsher since Daniel H. was stabbed to death in Chemnitz a year ago. After the attack, word spread that the German man had been killed by asylum seekers. Soon far-right groups were marching in the streets of Chemnitz, and fighting and riots ensued. Local police appeared to be overwhelmed by the unrest, which made headlines around the world. Yet many in Chemnitz feel that the story was exaggerated by the media. A report by Daniel Andreas Sager.