Chargrilled Turbot at ‘Elkano‘ restaurant | Fish and Seafood | DW | 03.05.2016
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Fish and Seafood

Chargrilled Turbot at ‘Elkano‘ restaurant

The family restaurant ‘Elkano‘ in a fishing village on the Bay of Biscay some 15 miles west of San Sebastian was awarded a Michelin star in 2015. Their simplest dish made them famous: Turbot grilled over oak charcoal.

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Chargrilled Turbot at ‘Elkano‘

Recipe for 4 people


2 turbots


"Agua de Lourdes", a concoction of oil, vinegar and salt based on a secret recipe from Aitor Arregui's grandmother. 


Start by preheating the grill and getting the coals burning. After gutting the fresh fish, sprinkle some salt on either side of it. Place it in a fish basket that has not been cleaned in advance; this prevents the skin from sticking and breaking. The fish should remain as intact as possible as it is barbecued. Place the fish basket on the hot coals and sprinkle it with Agua de Lourdes several times as it is cooking. It should be done after about 12 minutes - you can tell that it is ready when tiny bubbles start forming on the dark skin. Once you have taken the turbot off the grill, open it up carefully and remove the bones. Sprinkle a little more Agua de Lourdes and serve.


This recipe comes to us courtesy of chef Aitor Arregui of Elkano restaurant in Getaria, a small town in the Basque country.

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