Changing Development - The ″Developing country D″ Campaign and the BRICS Countries | Program | DW | 21.03.2013
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Changing Development - The "Developing country D" Campaign and the BRICS Countries

Tueday, 18 June 2013, 11:30 a.m. , Annex

Hosted by Eine Welt Netz NRW

Natural laws can't be breached, so the dominant model of development is reaching its limits. What should development achieve and with what means? That’s the question faced all over the world. The wealthy delude themselves that they are entitled to all they have, when in reality their wealth is largely based on exploiting humankind and nature. For many years, a regional organization in Germany called "Eine Welt Netz" (One World Network) has campaigned in the state of North-Rhine Westphalia (NRW) to shift people's perception of prosperity and growth. The campaign is called "Entwicklungsland D" ("Developing country D"). But the world at large also needs a new model of economic development. The SÜDWIND Institute for Economics and Ecumenism has long explored this. What impact can Germany and the BRICS countries (Brazil, Russia, India, China, South Africa) have on new forms of development?


Belle, Manfred
Sector Coordinator Public Relations, Eine Welt Netz NRW, Münster, Germany


Morazán, Dr. Pedro
Researcher, SÜDWIND e.V. - Institut für Ökonomie und Ökumene, Bonn, Germany

Peulen, Daniela
Head of the „Education Meets Develoment“ Project, Eine Welt Netz NRW, Münster, Germany

Complete workshop on soundcloud:

WS26 - Changing Development - The Developing Country D Campaign and the BRICS Countries