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DW Arts.21 (Sendungslogo Kultur.21 englisch)

Change of Perspective – Architecture 2021

March 26, 2021

The building sector is responsible for more than a third of global CO2 emissions. It´s time for a coordinated industry turnaround! We show you innovative ideas, sustainable construction and low-cost mobility.

Kultur.21 | Corona Innenstädte
Image: Martin Warren

The city after Corona

Shopping or business districts are prone to crises, and Corona is fueling their decline. Urban planners and architects are considering what lessons can be learned. What if Corona was the start of something entirely new?


Kultur.21 | Klima Positiv
Image: Johannes Straub

Climate-positive construction

How can we increase quality of life and build in an environmentally friendly way? The creators of Architects for Future are calling for a "climate positive" architecture. With a larger focus on renovating instead of always building anew.


Kultur.21 | Einfach Bauen
Image: Florian Nagler

The art of simple construction

Three model houses: solid wood, insulating concrete, and brick. Robust and with a simple design, they are durable and have a good ecological balance. Simple, beautiful buildings with a simple philosophy: less is more.


Kultur.21 | Anna Heringer
Image: DW

A master builder with a mission

Award-winning German architect Anna Heringer’s vision is to improve the world with architecture. She uses natural construction materials and is causing a worldwide sensation with her earthen buildings.


Kultur.21 | Seilbahn
Image: Doppelmayr

Into the future with cable cars?

Cable cars are used in the mountains to reach the ski-slopes. Elsewhere in the world, this transport is seen as promoting completely new urban planning solutions. Is this what the mobility of the future will look like?



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