Caught in the web – The media as both victim and perpetrator alike | Program | DW | 10.03.2014
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Caught in the web – The media as both victim and perpetrator alike

Monday, June 30, 2014, 2.00 p.m., Plenary Chamber

Hosted by: Deutsche Telekom

Hardly any other business sector is as deeply enmeshed in the workings of the Internet as the media – with all the positive and negative consequences that it entails. Media are repeatedly the targets of hacking attacks. At the same time, they must report about such attacks, frequently in the face of resistance from those most affected and with little information available. Last but not least, the media strongly rely on the Internet to spread their content.

For media professionals, this workshop will paint a picture of the latest online threats and provide tips on how publishers and journalists can protect themselves. From the perspective of an Internet provider for major clients, it will provide insight into the corporate mechanisms that engage within companies that have fallen victim to a cyber attack. Finally, it will present new approaches being taken in the sector to better protect businesses, public institutions and society at large from cyber attacks in the future.


Fischer, Christoph
CEO, BFK Consulting, Germany

Hange, Michael
President, Federal Office for Information Security (BSI), Germany

Peusquens, Dr. Rüdiger
Vice President Testing, Deutsche Telekom, Bonn, Germany

Schuster, Andreas
Computer Forensic Analyst, Deutsche Telekom, Bonn, Germany

Tschersich, Thomas
Senior Vice President and Head of Group Cyber & Data Security, Deutsche Telekom, Germany


Vey, Andrea
Vice President Corporate Communications, Deutsche Telekom, Germany