Cartoons and Communist Buildings | All of Deutsche Welle′s social media channels at a glance | DW | 13.02.2006
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Cartoons and Communist Buildings

DW-WORLD readers again weighed in on the violent clashes following the publication of Mohammed cartoons in Europe. They also commented on the demolition of old East German buildings.


"Hatred against Muslims hides behind press freedom," reads the sign

The followi n g comme n ts reflect the views of our readers. Not all reader comme n ts have bee n published. DW-WORLD reserves the right to edit for le n gth a n d appropriate n ess of co n te n t.

Cartoo n Co n flict

It is imperative to make clear that the West has established a way of life based upon freedoms that were hard won. Fundamental to our way of life is the right to express our view of the world by lampooning it. We must not concede this important principle out of fear or misguided "political correctness." If people of another world view choose to take advantage of our open door policies and settle in our lands, they must adjust to our ways. They, like the rest of us, have the right to protest peacefully. As to the burning of embassies -- that solves the problem of more hostile immigrants since there will not be any official avenue for them to apply to stay in the countries whose embassies they have trashed. I hope those institutions will not be reinstated until the host countries have officially apologized and reimbursed all costs associated with the destruction. -- Ilo n a Burbach , Ca n ada

The freedom of any person stops when the other's starts. I think what happened in Denmark is an abuse of freedom and this must bee punished. We must respect all the human beliefs. -- M. Kalifa

Indonesische Muslime zerreißen dänische Flagge - Karikaturenstreit

Indonesian Muslim protesters tear apart and burn a Danish flag during demonstration against the publication of cartoons depicting Prophet Mohammed

Surely respecting people's rights to religion has to be more urgent than freedom of the press in this case? Depicting Mohammed in these cartoons the way they were is just a complete lack of respect. Christians would be equally outraged if their God were depicted in such a way. I am an atheist, but I believe everyone has the right to their beliefs and, as a consequence of that right, should also respect the right of others to have different beliefs. Disrespecting any belief in such a way is only trouble in the making. -- Je n n y

The papers should be prosecuted. Europe is always proud of being a supporter of democracy, but at after this event, it is almost clear to me that the voice of billions of people which protested across the globe is being ignored. Rejecting these protests, and not taking any action against the newspaper, is nothing less than inciting another huge conflict. Certainly no side will be able to win, but the main sufferer will be humanity, no newspaper, no political leader. -- Ali n a Kha n , Pakista n

For me, respecting others' beliefs is more crucial than freedom of the press. -- Isma n Muhamad , I n do n esia

Karikaturenstreit - Friedliche Proteste in Thailand

A peaceful demonstrator in Thailand

I can relate to both sides of this story. It's horrible for someone to wrongfully depict a major part of someone's religion. At the same time, they have the right to do so. So the way I see it, yes, it is legal and part of freedom of speech. But why would people want to use their freedom of speech to offend someone else? That's like an atheist wrongfully depicting God in a cartoon. It's their right, but Christians wouldn't like it. I can see how Islamic people are offended, but violence isn't an effective way to solve this problem. If anything, it's making them look bad. On the other hand, other people brushing this off as a minor topic makes them look bad as well. -- Pilar, US

I think that the respect of religious beliefs is much more important than the freedom of press. People should learn how to spread peace around the world by respecting each other religions and beliefs. -- Howaida , Egypt

The cartoons have nothing to do with religion or freedom of the press. They are just another example of how the West loves to provoke the Arabs. Why don't you leave them alone? Why do you want to provoke them all the time? It appears to me that the West wanted to start another conflict situation. -- James Wilder , US

The real issue is not about taking sides, it's about sensitivity. How much do most Westerners truly know about Islam? On average, very little. You simply cannot claim freedom of the press after trampling upon religious beliefs. Why? It is easy to disguise freedom of speech for religious intolerance. -- Gregory Bur n worth

Demolishi n g East Germa n la n dmarks

Palast der Republik soll abgerissen werden

The former East German parliament building will be torn down this year

Sorry to see that Germany is getting just like the US. If it is old, get rid of it. Interestingly, as much as Germany seems to dislike us, they go out of their way to copy us. -- dalmar

I was in Berlin two years ago and am saddened to hear that these buildings will be torn down. They represent such an important time in history. The old buildings tell a story. Just reading about them in a book does not relate the story as well. -- Christy

Keep those that are useable and tear down those that are not. They are history! Be it good or bad. Those who ignore history are bound to repeat it. -- Susa n Palmer, a n America n livi n g i n Germa n y

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  • Date 13.02.2006
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