Captivated by Fragrance | DocFilm | DW | 23.03.2015
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Captivated by Fragrance

Scents send out powerful signals and messages that hugely affect our daily lives and social behavior. Whether we like it or not, what we smell determines the decisions we make.

16.03.2015 DW Doku Im Bann der Düfte Geruchstest

Researchers in Vienna are investigating how a damaged sense of smell affects wellbeing.

As if involuntarily, we react to odors and shape our opinions, our desires and our actions accordingly. All around the world a pleasing fragrance is a key part of what we associate with harmony and beauty. Throughout history humans have also used scents deliberately to create certain effects.

16.03.2015 DW Doku Im Bann der Düfte Indien

For centuries, scent has been used in India in religious rituals and for healing purposes.

The ancient Egyptians were among the first to develop a perfume industry. Sophisticated fragrances were created by civilizations along the Nile to serve both sacred and profane purposes. Scents trigger reactions and associations and influence how we feel. A perfume can awaken memories; transport us back to another time or place; remind us of someone we know. It can take us directly to our dreams and desires.

16.03.2015 DW Doku Im Bann der Düfte Feinabstimmung

Perfume-maker Abderrazzak Benchaâbane testing his creations.

This documentary explores the roles scents play in our everyday lives, even influencing our choice of mate or career. We go toGrasse, the world’s fragrance capital, to see how ingredients such as roses and lavender are turned into essential oils; visit Vienna to meet an Indian perfumer who creates customized scents and head to Marrakesh to meet Abderrazzak Benchaâbane, a world-renowned perfume-maker and former associate of Yves Saint Laurent, to talk about the history and appeal of fragrances.

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