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Cannabis Cowboys Podcast Teaser

Cannabis Cowboys

Thousands of investors worldwide are now victims of JuicyFields – a scheme involving cannabis and crowdfunding. Who's behind it? What's the total damage? In this true crime investigation, DW tries to unravel the truth.

JuicyFields promised huge profits through investments in medicinal cannabis. Thousands of people worldwide trusted the company with their savings – and lost everything. Since the platform went dark in July 2022, there have been criminal investigations all over Europe. Homes and offices were raided, accounts frozen. The perpetrators remain unknown. But they are not silent … 

The extent of the fraud might amount to several hundred million dollars, some even say billions. It could be a scam the size of Wirecard or OneCoin. Some say the Russian mafia or South American drug cartels were involved. Others point to alleged fake German aristocrats.

But what exactly happened? Who's really behind it all? In "Cannabis Cowboys", hosts Andreas Becker and Nicolas Martin go down all the rabbit holes. And the story gets stranger with every twist and turn.


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Got a tip on the investigation into JuicyFields? Email us at cannabiscowboys@dw.com

There's also a German version of Cannabis Cowboys: Die JuicyFields-Saga.

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