Camilla and UN Reform | All of Deutsche Welle′s social media channels at a glance | DW | 06.04.2005
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Social Media

Camilla and UN Reform

DW-WORLD recently reported on UN reform plans and the upcoming wedding of Prince Charles and Camilla Parker-Bowles. Our readers shared their views on the topics.


Wrongly dated wedding banners will be valuable

UN Reform

Reform is definitely needed. The Security Council must be expanded and the veto power abolished. Consensus within the Security Council is very important. I strongly support a seat on the Security Council for Germany. Rotating seats on the council are a good idea. My suggestion is the formation of an advisory council from the remaining members of the General Assembly capable of reviewing issues and calling the General Assembly to action on specific issues. This council and the General Assembly should be able to join with the Security Council on specific issues and disputes. -- Thomas Clark

UN Generalversammlung in New York

Members of the United Nations General Assembly

The UN will not be as effective as it wishes to be, because a strong country can by-pass UN resolutions more easily than one with less impact, but the more countries have some say, the better for the world. VETO power should be scratched! -- Elisabeth Heptner

As the world seems to be moving in a more global direction, I think the concept of the Security Council is a bit out of date -- not to mention counter-productive, with respect to the veto powers. Better still would be a strengthened general assembly, of which Germany is already a member, that uses a two thirds majority ruling. In this way it puts the voice in the hands of the world community instead of the hands of a privileged few. -- Andy Sporner , US citizen in Germany

Queen Camilla

Hell no! No way....Not only should she be kept away from the title of queen, but I am furious that she is being given the title of Her Royal Highness after the wedding. Diana was stripped of her rightful title HRH by a mean spirited and spiteful Queen. How dare Camilla be given the HRH title by this same monarch, when the mother of the future king of England was demoted in the royal ranks. -- Susan Belcher , US

Bildgalerie Prinz Charles und Camilla heiraten 7

Camilla should definitely not be queen. It's bad enough that she is being given the accolade of marrying Charles after the hurt and anguish that she caused Diana, (who had a very unhappy life due to Camilla). Camilla should have bowed out and let them get on with it but no she didn't, she made Diana and the boys' lives miserable. Even on the day they married she was there with cufflinks with entwined C's for Charles and Camilla. Diana was aware of this and it didn't give her and Charles a chance to make a go of their marriage. -- Mrs Robinson

Absolutely. The entire world does what they want to. Charles has lived doing what is expected of him instead of what his heart tells him. It's time to leave him alone and let him find true happiness and let his wife become queen if and when Charles becomes king. We as human beings are not owned by other human beings. -- Marla and Paul Anderson

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