Bulgaria - practicing the oldest profession in Germany | European Journal | DW | 25.05.2012
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European Journal

Bulgaria - practicing the oldest profession in Germany

The Stoliponovo district of Plovdiv is said to have one of the biggest concentrations of Roma people in the Balkans. For many of the community's women, the only way to earn a living is to work as prostitutes in Germany.

Kein fließendes Wasser, keine Kanalisation und eine Arbeitslosigkeit von 90 Prozent. Die Lebensbedingungen sind bedrückend in Stoliponowo, einem Stadtteil der bulgarischen Stadt Plowdiw. Copyright: DW

Many people in Stolipinovo rely on the money from Germany

European Journal visits Stolipnovo, where there are no sewers or running water and the unemployment rate is 90 percent. To escape the harsh living conditions, many of the Roma women go to Dortmund, where they work as prostitutes. The local authorities tried to prevent them from working the city's streets a year ago, with limited success. Meanwhile, mini-busses continue to travel between Stolipnovo and Dortmund regularly, carrying women who earn their living by servicing German clients.