Build community - Get people on board | #mediadev | DW | 10.10.2016
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Social media guidelines for radio stations

Build community - Get people on board

Talk about your social media presence on the radio. And, tell your audience why they should go there. What special, interesting content will be on offer? Gain more followers and form an active community online.

  • Tell people where to find you. Let people know where they can find you on Facebook, Twitter and any other platforms the station is active on. List your Twitter account on your Facebook page as well, and vice versa. Put those accounts in your email signatures and on your website as well.
  • Be a good listener. Listen to what people have to say in your social media feeds and respond to them. Encourage productive, interesting conversations. It gets people involved and on board.
  • Be personal. Communication on social media is usually more informal than on traditional media. It's about personality and being authentic; few people get enthusiastic about a drab corporate spokesperson. That doesn't mean you should disclose inappropriate details of your private life or your personal opinions on controversial issues. But do talk about what is happening in the news, with the staff, at the station and ask people for their opinions and experiences. Thank those people who have contributed, both on the air and online.
  • Create a dialogue. Dialogue is the basis of all social media work. Start a conversation with your listeners, don't just hold a monologue.
  • Think about the platform/tech. Is Facebook far more popular than Twitter in your area? Then focus most of your attention there. It's better to maintain one or two platforms well than have five accounts that you don't have time to update. If data costs are high for many people, you might want to post fewer videos and pics which use more data.

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Consistency – Post on a regular basis

A social media account whose last activity was two months ago is not going to be very interesting to your audience. People want to see fresh content when they come to your page. Keep your page or feed dynamic with regular updates. At the same time avoid too much information.

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