Bosnia, Merkel and Germany′s New Face | All of Deutsche Welle′s social media channels at a glance | DW | 28.11.2005
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Bosnia, Merkel and Germany's New Face

Read what other DW-WORLD readers had to say about the 10th anniversary of the Dayton Accord, Angela Merkel's election to chancellor and Germany's outlook for the future.


All eyes are on Merkel.

The following comments reflect the views of our readers. Not all reader comments have been published. DW-WORLD reserves the right to edit for length and appropriateness of content.

10 Years Dayton Accord

Fabian Schmidt's story was good, but inexcusably short. The horror that took place in Bosnia was one of a chain of events that started when Tudjman decided to create his own little empire by breaking off from Yugoslavia, and Helmut Kohl, instead of keeping out of that nation's troubles, immediately recognized Croatia. And no other Western country, mindful of how World War I started, wanted to get into the mess. If Kohl had kept his mouth shut, what other nation would have honored Tudjman? Probably none. And Yugoslavia might have undergone peaceful and gradual change, rather than the violent and murderous years that ended with Dayton. A parallel to Kohl's actions would have been if Bavaria decided to secede from Germany, and Austria recognized the new 'land.' -- Bev Isenson, USA

Friedensvertrag von Dayton, zehnjähriger Jahrestag, Bosnien-Herzegowina, Kroatien, Serbien-Montenegro

200,000 people died in the bloody civil war in former Yugoslavia.

I strongly believe that if the Serb community communicates well with the Bosnians and Croats the country should be on the right track to EU membership. I still have doubts that Bosnia well ever make it into the EU or become a successful nation similar to Germany and Belgium. -- Adin Huremovic

Angela Merkel Named Chancellor

It is indeed a great achievement to see a woman heading the most important country in EU. However, as rightly mentioned by our ancestors, the crown of roses has its thorns too. With important portfolios like finance and foreign ministry in the hands of the SPD, she shall be doing more or less the same job before she became chancellor, i.e. lobbying and building opinion regarding something she feels strongly about for a better Germany in those areas. Important is whether SPD being inside the government shall still support her fully for policies they have opposed during Schröder's time, the stand Greens take and what Edmund Stoiber does in coming times. Being a woman, her inner qualities of perseverance, patience, etc. has paid off till now. How she manages the coalition is really an acid test. As far as the ex-chancellor is concerned, though he says he shall be practicing law and retiring, he is at all times ready to take on the chancellorship the moment the new coalition boat is in trouble at high seas. He has negotiated at his best for the portfolios to SPD, where SPD's relations / tie-ups do not get effected and their committment / promises are not turned upside down by Angela's government. -- Milan, India

I was stationed in Schwäbisch Gmund from 1971-1974 and I have fond memories of West Germany. I am heartened by Ms. Merkel's election and I look forward to ever closer relations and rapprochement with Germany. -- Lt. Col. Joe Herring, USA

Many months ago I knew Angela would become the next German chancellor. I am glad she did. I hope she will not forget Germany's aid to my country, Peru, but very well supervised to avoid the traditional corruption. Good luck and lots of success, Angela. -- Rafael Delgado, Peru

Germany needs a new face and I think this action would serve as a bold example of Germany, as well as the world in general. Now if we could get the Middle East and Africa to play along on the same ball field, we would indeed be making progress! -- rsfusion

Angela Merkel bei Jacques Chirac Frankreich

A kiss for the new Madame Chancellor

Mr. Chirac should not be permitted to kiss Ms. Merkel's hand. Angela Merkel is on the same level. This should not apply just because she is a woman. Shaking hands between two leaders is sufficient. -- Joanne Walsh Toronto, Canada

Merkel's husband

There is nothing wrong with a man taking a backseat to his wife's career, so long as his ego doesn't get in the way. Women have been putting their careers on hold for men and have had to put their own needs aside for them and their families for so long. It's been a long time in waiting for men to step aside and let their wives be just as ambitious as them. -- lavalore

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