Borussia Dortmund grab last-minute win in seven-goal thriller against Augsburg | Sports| German football and major international sports news | DW | 08.10.2018
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Borussia Dortmund grab last-minute win in seven-goal thriller against Augsburg

A hat trick, a last-minute free kick, a goal for a returning World Cup winner and a handful of lead changes made Dortmund's game against Augsburg on matchday 6 a contender for game of the season.

Borussia Dortmund 4-3 Augsburg
(Alcacer 62', 80', 90+5', Götze 84' - Finnbogason 22', Max 72', Gregoritsch 87')

The season may only be seven games old, but it already has what's likely to be its best match. In a thrilling, dramatic, goal-ridden match, a hat-trick off the bench from Paco Alcacer gave Dortmund a last-gasp win against a brilliant Augsburg side. The result keeps Dortmund top and undefeated in the Bundesliga.

Marco Reus missed a great chance to give Dortmund the lead, and was made to pay when Alfred Finnbogason poked home after Dortmund failed to deal with a free kick. Reus was furious referee Markus Schmidt didn't disallow the goal for a foul just beforehand.

Dortmund took their time to warm up and in the second half Augsburg could have made it 2-0, but Roman Bürki made two great saves from close range to keep the deficit to just one.

That proved one of many turning points, as Dortmund soon equalized. Axel Witsel played a superb ball out wide, Jadon Sancho crossed first time and Alcacer swept home his first of the afternoon.

Bundesliga, Borussia Dortmund vs FC Augsburg (Getty Images/L.Baron)

Mario Gözte scored a brilliant goal in one of the great Bundesliga games

Then Augsburg hit the bar, before Michael Gregoritsch cleared off his own line to keep out Manuel Akanji's header and Caiuby missed a great chance in the box. A minute later, Philipp Max fired in at the back post though, when Andre Hahn flicked on Finnbogason's cross.

With 10 minutes to go, the drama went up even futher. Augsburg's brilliantly disciplined performance was undone by a quick free-kick from Dortmund. Raphael Guerreiro saw Alcacer free, dinked it into him in the box and the Spaniard lashed home another equalizer.

Four minutes later, Achraf Hakimi threaded a brilliant ball into the box for substitute Mario Götze, who took a touch and sidefooted home to send the home crowd delirious.

The game wasn't over yet though. With just three minutes left, Bürki couldn't keep out Gregoritsch's header from a corner and Augsburg had a point for their efforts - or at least they thought.

In the final seconds of the game, substitute Sergio Cordova gave away a needless free kick 30 yards from goal - and Alcacer topped off an extraordinary day by curling it into the bottom corner.

Bundesliga, Borussia Dortmund vs FC Augsburg (Getty Images/L.Baron)

Augsburg celebrated three times on the day and their performance deserved a point, but they lost out at the end

As it happened:

Elsewhere on Matchday 6:

Dusseldorf 0-2 Schalke
Hannover 3-1 Stuttgart
Mainz 0-0 Hertha Berlin

Result: Borussia Dortmund 4-3 Augsburg

90+5' GOAL! 4-3 Dortmund (Alcacer) This is definitely the game of the season. Hands down. End the context. Alcacer trots over to Guerreiro and says let me take it. The Spaniard does and curls it in the far corner. A hat trick for him and the winner for Dortmund with the last kick of the game. What a game.

90+4' Cordova, off the bench, gets his foot so high to clear the ball he ends up raking his boot on Hakimi's shoulder. Free kick chance for Dortmund. Last chance saloon right here. Just right of centre, 25 yards from the edge of the box...

90+3' Dortmund pushing it forward. Witsel's ball is just short of reaching its man. Is that all there is?

90+2' CHANCE! Shot blocked, then Witsel sends a shot wide.

90+1' Four more minutes of this one. More drama to come?

89' CHANCE! This game should never end. Alcacer nearly snaps in his third, but it's blocked. From the corner, he nearly pokes in but it goes just wide. Dortmund want the win!

87' GOAL! 3-3 Augsburg (Gregoritsch) I don't even know what to say. Augsburg win a corner and just when you think there can't be any more drama, Michael Gregoritsch gets up to meet the corner and, even though Bürki gets to it, the ball is behind the line. It's all level again! A truly remarkable game - especially the last 10 minutes.

84' GOAL! 3-2 Dortmund (Götze) Hakimi gets the ball out wide again and with a bit of space in front of him, he slips in Götze. Jan Moravek doesn't make the covering run and remarkably, Götze slides it underneath Luthe to give Dortmund the lead. He celebrates with the face of a man who knows how big that goal is - in the context of the game, the season and perhaps even his life. What a game. Contender for game of the season right here. Just incredible.

80' GOAL! 2-2 Dortmund (Alcacer) The quick free kick routine. Guerreiro sees Alcacer is free and dinks the ball into the right side of the box. Alcacer latches onto it and hammers it on the half volley into the back of the net. Augsburg, who have been great defensively, were caught out there. Baum won't like that, but this home crowd does.

78' CHANCE! Hakimi, who has been a threat in attack today, cuts in from the right but his low cross slices straight through Dortmund's attackers in the box. It was the perfect ball to play if he wanted to avoid finding a teammate. Reus visibly frustrated (again).

77' Weigl comes off, Götze comes on. It's his Bundesliga debut this season. That's all of BVB's subs.

75' Dortmund have to go after it again. Just before that goal, Alcacer fired over in a similar fashion to Reus in the first half. A truly end-to-end game now. Caiuby breaks through but fires over. Dortmund take a breath ahead of the final quarter of an hour. Looks like Mario Götze is about to come on - as if today needs more narratives!

71' GOAL! 2-1 Augsburg (Max) Diallo doesn't close down Finnbogason, and his cross gets into the box. Hahn's attempt at goal ends up being a perfect pass to the on-rushing Philipp Max who smashes home at the back post. Can't say it's not deserved. Augsburg really have found another level, from somewhere. What a performance.

70' CHANCE! What a game this is! Augsburg go down the other end, shaking off any signs of fatigue, and Caiuby should really score, but with the goal somewhat at his mercy in the box, he stumbles just enough to make sure his strike of the ball isn't clean and Hakimi deflects it wide. Blimey.

69' CHANCE! Gregoritsch clears off the line to keep Akanji's header from creeping in at the back post! Bruun Larsen's day is over, Raphael Guerreiro on for him.

66' Dortmund can sense there is time to win this one. Augsburg did hit the bar, but that pressing looks as though it is just about taking it's toll. Hardly surprising either given how brilliant their work rate has been today. Dortmund have a couple of corners.

64' CHANCE! Augsburg nearly go back up and score again. Finnbogason connects with a cross, although not perfectly, but it hits the bar before bouncing clear. Huge let off for Dortmund. Caiuby is then booked for a late tackle of Weigl. This game is wild again! Felix Götze comes on.

62' GOAL! 1-1 Dortmund (Alcacer) Witsel plays an incredible pass from the center after winning it and driving forward to send Sancho out wide. The Englishman delivers an equally pass, first-time, across to Alcacer who sweeps home. Might have even been his first touch. Dortmund at their best. Another assist for Sancho, another goal for Alcacer.

60' Cometh the hour, cometh the man? Maxi Philipp comes off for Paco Alcacer. He scored two off the bench against Leverkusen, and how Dortmund would welcome that again today. Can't be stated enough though that Augsburg have done a great job man marking their hosts today.

58' Hinteregger slides in to tackle Sancho, but clatters his toe just before he gets the ball. No free kick. Feels a bit like referee Markus Schmidt is losing control of this one a bit.

55' Khedira is booked for a foul on Reus, who is still visibly frustrated. Been quite a few goals going in elsewhere since the restart - including two for Schalke (McKennie and Burgstaller) and one for Stuttgart (Gomez). Maybe one to follow for Dortmund? Feels like a key 10 to 15 minutes coming up now.

52' Is this going to be one of those days for Dortmund? The final ball has just been short of what it needed to be and it feels like luck isn't really on their side - especially when you have a look at Augsburg's goal when Marco Reus is pushed over by Hahn just beforehand. Reus tries to change all that, but gets tackled in the box. The BVB captain wants a corner, doesn't get it and sees yellow for his furious response.

50' CHANCE! Augsburg nearly kill the contest. Bürki makes a great reflex save with what looks his elbow to deny Gregoritsch's awkward shot in the area, and then denies Gouweleeuw from close range by staying big. Could be a turning point in the game. Huge save from Dortmund's number one. Wild start to the half.

46' Off we go. Of the 25 goals Dortmund have scored this season, 18 have come in the second half. Just so you know.

HALFTIME Augsburg lead and it's deserved, largely because their defensive work has been so discipliend and consistent. Dortmund should have taken the lead but Marco Reus missed the best chance of the game. After that, there was a handball shout for the home side and a host of half chances, but Lucien Favre will hope the second-half surge his side has made a habit comes true again today.

Elsewhere in the Bundesliga, a brace from Bobby Wood looks to have given Hannover a great chance of getting their first win of the season. Hertha have hit the post in Mainz but it's still goalless, and Dusseldorf against Schalke has been, by all accounts, tepid. Mario Gomez has gone all Terry Butcher though (see below).

43' Gregoritsch is right up in Akanji's face. Augsburg keep winning the ball back because they keep doing the work to stay tight to the man their marking. Leverkusen did a similarly good job in the first half of their game against Dortmund, but fell apart in the second. Augsburg seem a more composed side tactically, but Manuel Baum will know that Domrtund will respond in the second half. Bruun Larsen misplaces a pass in the final third - the story of Dortmund's day a bit.

40' The sun is shining, but it's raining BVB attacks at the moment. The latest one is pulled back for offside. Augsburg's man marking has been superb. Hakimi nearly threads it through for Reus but again it's beyond his teammate. Down the other end, Framberger (what a great name that is) does really well to win a corner, which Bürki comes to claim but doesn't and gets the benefit of the doubt from the referee.

35' Another save for the Andreas Luthe highlight reel as he dives to his right to palm away a stroke effort from Maxi Philipp. Akanji heads goalwards from the resulting corner, but Gouweleeuw's hand gets in the way. A small protest, but not that much. Referee doesn't seem interested either. On second look, perhaps he should be (no call from the VAR in Cologne though).

32' Augsburg are doing a fine job of shutting Dortmund down, even if it's as late as the last pass sometimes. Get the feeling there's a lot more drama to come in this one, especially given Dortmund's second-half habit of finding another gear.

28' Sancho tricks his way into winning a corner, although Hinteregger deserves credit for how he defended that one. Witsel gets to the ball from the corner, but it's blocked. Not long before Dortmund come again. Hakimi's direct running, especially in combination with Sancho, is impressive.

25' CHANCE! Dortmund go down the other end and nearly equalize straight away. First Hakimi forces a good save out of Luthe, then, from the corner, Augsburg have to block twice to deny Dortmund. That goal hasn't rattled the hosts, it's angered them!

22' GOAL! 1-0 Augsburg (Finnbogason) Free kick to Augsburg on the left, Zagadou doesn't really clear it - it hits his thigh, and while it bobbles around in the area, Finnbogason pounces to poke it in between Bürki's legs to give the visitors the lead. This is his second game back since injury and that takes his goal tally to four now. Tidy.

20' For the first time in the game, both sides seem to have taken their foot off. Augsburg not able to press as hard as Dortmund having a bit more of the ball in their half, and Dortmund, as a result, forced to be patient.

17' Bürki comes out and doesn't really claim the ball and Zagadou clumsily falls over Finnbogason. Not sure what to make of that really, and neither is the referee so on we go.

15' CHANCE! It should be 1-0. Great work by Sancho out wide sees him get past Hinteregger. His cut back is perfect for Marco Reus to stroke home, but he blazes over. Imagine the goal the two combined for against Leverkusen, but with Reus powering over rather than powering in and that's what that was. Big chance that.

13' Dortmund warming up out wide. Hakimi with a brilliant cross from the right, Bruun Larsen with a knock down but it's just beyond Reus. Neat play but not quite as tidy as Lucien Favre would probably like it to be.

11' Both Götze brothers are on the bench today, but there's a rather heart-warming photo of the pair during the warm-up (see below). Wonder what they said to one another? Augsburg test Bürki, who saves from Hahn. The shot was from the angle though. Always going to take something incredible to score from there.

8' Sancho tries to thread Maxi Philipp through, but it goes behind him. A misunderstanding there. A lot of Dortmund's attacking play down the right so far, but when it does go down the left it comes back into Axel Witsel in the middle who blazes over. Should do better.

6' Augsburg are pressing incredibly high and so far, fairly effectively too. Dortmund look a little stifled early on. Question is how long the visitors can keep it up. Reus bursts through the center, but nothing open and the promise of the attack passes.

3' Three early corners for Augsburg. All dealt with comfortably by BVB and from the third one, Jadon Sancho tries to break out but Daniel Baier holds him back. Should be a yellow and it is. Sure it won't be the last time the teenager, recently called up to the England team, sprints down the right.

1' Augsburg get us underway.

Nearly kick-off time! The sun is shining in Dortmund and the crowd at the Westfalen are in their usual brilliant voice. The players are in the tunnel. Must be quite the moment to hear your name called out by 80,000 fans before you step out onto the pitch. However long you play, don't think that gets old. Teams come out now. Saturday, sunshine and football. What could be better? Do feel free to get in touch, either on Twitteror on Facebook, and tell us where you're watching from.

Teams! Juliian Weigl gets his first start of the season, with Thomas Delaney on the bench. The electric front four start again, with Paco Alcacer and Mario Götze on the bech. Marius Wolf and Christian Pulisic are out injured, but BVB don't look like they'll miss them today.

Augsburg pick what looks to be the same team as last time out, with Andreas Luthe keen to keep up his good form in between the posts. Icelandic striker Alfred Finnbogason would love to keep his scoring streak going after scoring a hat-trick last time out.

Borussia Dortmund XI: Bürki - Diallo, Zagadou, Akanji, Hakimi - Witsel, Weigl - Bruun Larsen, Reus, Sancho - Philipp

Augsburg XI: Luthe - Max, Gouweleeuw, Hinteregger, Framberger - Khedira, Baier - Hahn, Gregortisch, Caiuby - Finnbogason

Good afternoon! The fate of the Bundesliga's competitive soul hangs in the balance this afternoon. Well, perhaps not quite but it would be good if Borussia Dortmund could keep winning to put pressure on Bayern Munich (who play later) and keep the prospect of a title race alive. It is Augsburg who stand in their way today.

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