Borussia Dortmund get a point in Frankfurt | Sports| German football and major international sports news | DW | 02.02.2019
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Borussia Dortmund get a point in Frankfurt

While there was no winner between the two most dangerous attacking units in the Bundesliga, there was plenty of drama. The result could have gone either way, but perhaps Marco Reus could have given BVB all three points.

Eintracht Frankfurt 1-1 Borussia Dortmund
(Jovic 36' - Reus 22')

Marco Reus might feel he could have single-handidly won this game for Dortmund, but a point in Frankfurt might prove to be pivotal come the end of the season for BVB.

After Roman Bürki made an impressive early save - one of many - Dortmund took the lead. Raphael Guerreiro played a superb one-two with Reus and then set up the Dortmund captain to pass into the net.

What followed was a flurry of chances for Reus, with one flying off the bar and another dribbling wide. Given Reus' form, it didn't seem tough to suggest that the German international should have scored at least one more.

But he didn't, and Frankfurt eventually found an equalizer. Ante Rebic sent a header off the bar, Dortmund failed to really clear the ball, Frankfurt swung another cross in and Luka Jovic was on hand to turn it home.

The second half didn't have the same tempo as the first, but both sides looked dangerous and might have sneaked a winner with half chances. In the end, the performances of both goalkeepers made sure that a game that might have ended 3-3 only ended 1-1.   

As it happened:

90+2' Only two more minutes left. Think the air is out of this one...

88' Suddenly it's all Frankfurt. Not much end product or real danger, but the threat is. Huge cheer from the cowd though. It's 3-1 Leverkusen...

84' Back to that issue with the final ball. Reus hits his through ball to Alcacer short, and that ends the attack. He does win a free kick, right of centre, 30 yards from goal though. Alcacer sends a great effort goalwards, but it lands on top of the net rather than in it. Great technique, mind.

77' With the result in the balance, both teams are risking it all. At least, that's how it feels with central defenders trying to thread the ball through the lines, Frankfurt pushing forward without much care for defense, Dortmund trying to score on the break. Guerreiro comes off, Bruun Larsen is on. Game changing Dane anyone?

72' Weigl gets booked, Frankfurt take the free kick and although they waste it, Dortmund's inability to clear keeps the chance alive much longer than it should have been. A cross is flashed across the area, but no one gets to it. Next goal wins? Feels like it.

68' CHANCE! Trapp makes a good save to deny Alcacer's low effort that is heading towards the far corner. Not been the Spaniard's day either. Dortmund waste the corner.

65' Maybe a bit too soon to try from 30 yards out, but Hakimi does just that and it only just flies over the corner of the goal. Not far away. As predicted, Sancho is replace, with Christian Pulisic coming on for him. Immediately the American is into the action and is a block away from setting up Reus.

61' The game has entered that classic and familiar key phase. Both sides are trying to wrestle control but the opposition is doing just enough to keep things even. That means it's a bit sloppier, but that also means it's open. Dortmund might look at a change soon. Think Sancho is a candidate. Not been his day.

56' Big call here, and I don't think Jovic is too happy about it. Adi Hütter brings off Jovic for Gacinovic. I understand why, but not sure Luka 14-goals Jovic does. The decision works though, because he immediately sets up Rebic who forces another strong save out of Bürki. Impressive day for Dortmund's number one.

53' Cheers from the Dortmund crowd as news filters through that Leverkusen have equalized against Bayern Munich. Leon Bailey fires home a free kick to cancel out Leon Goretzka's first-half goal. As it stands, both sides at the top are drawing 1-1. What a difference a win would make if one of these sides could sneak ahead.

50' Safe to say the tempo hasn't been as furious to start this half. Alcacer gets a low shot away, his first real effort of the match, but it's easy for Trapp. Dortmund slowly starting to control the game here.

46' Second half is underway, Dortmund with the ball.

HALFTIME The half ends in a painful way for Achraf Hakimi who, falling having lost the ball, clatters into Rode. His head goes back in a way that doesn't look healthy, and I think he gets a clip to the head by Rode's boot on the way down too. Ouch. Let's hope he can continue. A brilliant second half awaits...

45' Both Trapp and Bürki have to make key stops to make sure low crosses don't find their way into danger. It feels like every player is trying something new, pushed on by a sense of confidence this game is providing.

41' No need for halftime in this one. The game is exactly where you want it to be: tense, tight, and end-to-end. Both sides a little too hasty with their final ball at the moment, but there are surprises around every corner.

36' GOAL! (Jovic) Bürki must be annoyed. He has been fantastic so far, but there's not much he can do about that one. Rebic's header from a corner comes off the bar, Dortmund fail to clear and Jovic swings a leg at the cross put back in by Da Costa and it's all level again. Not undeserved. This game is being played at quite the tempo!

33' CHANCE! Rebic fires wide as Dortmund fail to clear, but a few minutes later: Rebic is one-on-one with Bürki, but again the Swiss makes the save. I know I have written 'CHANCE!' four times in a row but that is how this game is working out. 

29' CHANCE! This is the most incredible spell of individual chances, like a great bowler enjoying a strong spell in a crucial test match. A short free-kick routine works well, but when Reus receives the ball from the wide right, near the corner flag, he blazes it well over. Again, if that's on target...

26' CHANCE! The chances are coming thick and fast now, and all for Reus. A ball across the area finds Reus, eventually, and he just has to get it on target and it's in. But Reus blazes it and his effort clips the top of the bar and goes out. That could have been a four minute hat trick...

24' CHANCE! Reus should have two. A mistake by Frankfurt invites Reus in but, like he did against Hannover, the attacker gets his angles wrong and puts it wide. Given the man and the form he's in at the moment, should have done better.

22' GOAL! 1-0 Dortmund (Reus) A great team goal. Witsel sends Guerreiro into space, he plays a gorgeous one-two with Reus and then works, impressively, enough space in the box to square the ball to Reus. With Trapp drawn out, Reus just rolls it in between the defenders. 1-0, and deserved.

20' Piszczek turns into Messi, dancing all the way into the box, but is eventually stopped. Nearly something out of nothing. Sancho can find no way through so far, which makes sense why Piszczek wanted to give it a go.

15' Again Sancho takes on one too many, and again the cross doesn't come when it should. Certainly something the youngster needs to improve on, but there's time yet. Alcacer would like him to sort it sooner rather than later, though.

13' CHANCE! Sancho's low cross reaches Alcacer, but his impressive heel flick is blocked. What a goal that would have been. Dortmund trying to keep the ball, but Frankfurt more than holding their own.

11' Fernandes gets booked for a slightly errant elbow. That seems harsh, considering it's early doors and it was a physical but not nasty challenge. Tough job to stay sensible now for the next 80-odd minutes.

8' This is one lively game. Weigl steps in to intercept a pass, and then sets up Sancho on the break. The teenager takes on one too many though, and Dortmund's attack ends before it really starts. Alcacer looks a little frustrated at that. It's entertaining though!

5' Quite the opening here. Dortmund look a little nervous at the back, and Frankfurt threatening to expose that. Final passes is missing, but the intent is there.

2' SAVE! Having bamboozled the Dortmund defense, Haller sets up Da Costa inside the box but Bürki gets his right foot out to push it wide. A real chance there, and a really good save too.

1' Off we go! Frankfurt get us started and nearly gift Dortmund a goal inside the first 14 seconds but Reus stumbles on the ball. What a start.

- Dortmund have won three of their last four league games against Frankfurt, but haven't won away since 2013. Time for that to change today? Maybe, but maybe not given that Frankfurt's last five home matches have alternated between win and loss - and by that logic they're due a win this weekend.

- TEAMS! Dortmund keep their team largely as it has been, except they start Paco Alcacer with Mario Götze dropping to the bench. Frankfurt's front four looks just as dangerous, and there's even a reunion for Sebastian Rode as he plays against the club loaning him out. I expect goals!

Frankfurt XI: Trapp - N'Dicka, Hinteregger, Hasebe, Da Costa - Fernandes, Rode - Kostic, Jovic, Rebic - Haller

Dortmund XI: Bürki – Piszczek, Weigl, Diallo, Hakimi – Witsel, Delaney – Sancho, Reus, Guerreiro – Alcacer

- Good afternoon! It's time for Matchday 20, and BVB are hoping to keep their six-point lead at the top. They've only lost one game this season - Düsseldorf, remember - but will that still be the case after their trip to Frankfurt today? That front three of Jovic, Haller and Rebic is one of the most dangerous trios in European football. It should be a cracker of a game!