Bode, Prof. Jürgen | Speakers | DW | 03.05.2013
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Bode, Prof. Jürgen

Professor for International Management, Bonn-Rhein-Sieg University of Applied Sciences, Rheinbach, Germany

Bild: 30_Foto_Prof. Bode 2_SP.jpg Titel: GMF Foto Prof. Jürgen Bode Schlagworte: GMF13, Speaker13, SP1330, Prof. Jürgen Bode Beschreibung: Referent Prof. Jürgen Bode auf dem Global Media Forum 2013 Format: Sonderformat 244x330 Bildrechte: Verwertungsrechte im Kontext des Global Media Forums 2013 eingeräumt.

Jürgen Bode is a professor for international management at the Bonn-Rhein-Sieg University of Applied Sciences in Rheinbach, Germany, and is assigned to international projects by the university’s executive committee. His research, coaching and training focus is on the international management of higher education institutions, especially in the area of marketing. He has authored or co-authored several publications in this field.

Bode has served as (associate) professor for business administration at the International School of Management (ISM) in Dortmund, Germany, and Tsinghua University in Beijing, China. He has also had teaching assignments at the University of Leipzig, Hunan University in Changsha, China, and the University of Applied Sciences in Cologne, Germany.

Bode has gained practical experience in international strategic development working at Deutsche Post World Net and as a management consultant for different organizations.

Prof. Dr. Bode studied business engineering at the Technical University of Darmstadt (TU Darmstadt) in Germany and the Ecole Supérieure des Sciences Economiques et Commerciales (ESSEC) in France.

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