Blind Football Euro Championships in Berlin | Reporter - On Location | DW | 02.09.2017
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Blind Football Euro Championships in Berlin

The Blind Football European Championships in Berlin. The players have to be in top shape. They also must have exceptionally fine hearing - so they can keep track of the ball and pick up directions from the coach and goalkeeper.

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Each team has just five players, instead of 11. The playing field is 40 meters long, not 105. The ball makes a rattling noise. Players who run after the ball have to shout "voy!" - Spanish for "here I come" - so that they don't crash into each other. Otherwise, the blind version of the sport is pretty close to the original, even if the players may show more emotion. Football has become popular in blind communities in many countries. In Germany, there's even a blind football Bundesliga. The Blind Football European Championships were held in Berlin in late August. DW reporter Constantin Stüve followed one player as he fought for the championship title. Blind Football: Euro Championships in Berlin A Report by Constantin Stüve