BER’s supervisory board ‘releases’ 1.1 billion euros in additional funding | News | DW | 13.03.2015
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BER’s supervisory board ‘releases’ 1.1 billion euros in additional funding

The recent meeting of the BER airport's supervisory board has made significant progress in granting the project additional financing. About 1.1 billion euros of public money will flow into the airport.

Airport operating firm FBB announced after the meeting on Friday that the 1.1 billion euros needed to finish construction will be provided by the national and regional governments.

The state-run project is split between the city state of Berlin, the state of Brandenburg, and the German federal government. The airport owners now need to agree with the decision of the supervisory board.

According to regional public broadcaster RBB, the participants Brandenburg, Berlin and the German federal government will decide in this month about how and where the money will be spent, said Rainer Bretschneider, the current chief of the supervisory board. He also emphasized that the construction project made significant progress in recent months.

Tegel airport not left out

The FBB also announced a new investment program for Berlin's Tegel airport. According to the resolution of the supervisory board, the airport will receive 19 million euros in new funds with the goal of maintaining the Tegel airport before the BER airport opens.

During the meeting, the supervisory board also said goodbye to the airport head Hartmut Mehdorn after two years in the job. His successor Karsten Mühlenfeld, the former Rolls-Royce manager, is scheduled to take over the role by June at the latest, after Mehdorn steps down.

ra/bw (AFP, RBB)

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