Berlin, a city of rivers and lakes | DW Travel | DW | 08.07.2013

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Berlin, a city of rivers and lakes

Berlin has more bridges than Venice. The German capital and the surrounding state of Brandenburg together have Europe's largest network of inland waterways.

Taking an excursion boat is a great way to discover the city and its history.

The city has more than twenty lakes and bathing beaches. One of the oldest is Wannsee beach - fondly called the Berliners' bathtub by the locals. The lake is also a popular starting point for boat tours into the city center. First you cruise along the River Havel past the Grunewald, a large forested area in western Berlin, then on the River Spree, which flows 46 kilometers through Berlin. The tour takes you past the Reichstag building and government quarter, former border crossings, such as the Palace of Tears at Friedrichstrasse railway station, and many beach bars along the riverbanks. After three hours, you arrive in the heart of Berlin and the world famous Museum Island.

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Berlin - City of Rivers and Lakes

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