Beethoven and more podcast #23: Ave Maria | Beethovenfest | DW | 20.10.2010
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Beethoven and more podcast #23: Ave Maria

A piece composed with notes in an enigmatic scale, ceremonial and solemn, given four voices on strings in this performance.

Composer Giuseppe Verdi

Composer Giuseppe Verdi

Guiseppe Verdi (1813-1901)

"Ave Maria" (Scala enigmatica armonizzata a 4 voci miste e sole) from the "Quattro Pezzi Sacri“ (Four Sacred Pieces)

Minguet Quartet

MP3 recorded at the Beethoven House, Bonn on September 24, 2010 by Deutsche Welle (DW)

For over 150 years, Giuseppe Verdi's "Ave Maria" has been played at celebrations and funerals. The Italian composer originally set the song for four-voiced choir and composed it in a "scala enigmatica," a cryptic scale. It is one of the four-part cycle "Quattro Pezzi Sacri" (Four Sacred Pieces). Cologne's Minguet Quartet offers a light, yet powerfully dynamic interpretation of "Ave Maria" at the Beethoven Festival 2010.

Author: Suzanne Cords (als)

Editor: Rick Fulker

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