Beethoven and more podcast #18: A lullabye for the sun | Beethovenfest | DW | 15.10.2010

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Beethoven and more podcast #18: A lullabye for the sun

The Shchedryk Children's Choir from Kiev has existed for nearly 40 years. The ensemble has developed an impressive repertoire that draws from various epochs and styles.

The members of the Shchedryk Children's Choir performed a work by Giya Kancheli at the Beethovenfest

The Shchedryk Children's Choir is now in its second generation

Giya Kancheli (1935-)

Lulling the Sun for choir and percussion

Shchedryk Children's Choir

Conductor: Marianna Sablina

MP3 recorded at the St. Evergislus Kirche in Bonn-Brenig on September 26, 2010 by Deutschlandfunk (DLF)

Marianna Sabrina heads the second generation of the Shchedryk Children's Choir, founded by her mother. Through professional voice training and industrious practice, the Shchedryk girls' choir has developed a mature sound. The ensemble's success stems both from their mastery of the repertoire of Ukrainian folk songs and their incorporation of classical choral music in the original language.

One high point for the children's choir was being honored with the Golden Diploma at the Musica Sacra Choral Competition in Rome. Pope Benedict XVI was in the audience.

In this selection from the Beethovenfest, the choir performs "Lulling the Sun," in which Georgian composer Giya Kancheli sets the word "sun" to music in 27 different European, Asian and Middle Eastern languages.

Author: Tomas Gilgenmann Lorza (sc, gsw)
Editor: Rick Fulker

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