Bee Gees singer Robin Gibb dies after cancer fight | News | DW | 21.05.2012
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Bee Gees singer Robin Gibb dies after cancer fight

Robin Gibb, one of three brothers in the disco group Bee Gees that wrote 'Night Fever' and 'Stayin Alive,' passed away after battling cancer.

The family of Robin Gibb, one of the singers from the Bee Gees musical group, released a statement Sunday saying that the 62-year-old has died.

"The family of Robin Gibb ... announce with great sadness that Robin passed away today following his long battle with cancer and intestinal surgery," the statement posted on Gibb's official website said. "The family have asked that their privacy is respected at this very difficult time."

The Bee Gees are best known for dance hits such as "Stayin Alive," "Night Fever," and "Jive Talkin,'" and were one of the defining bands of the disco era.

The group, founded in Australia after the Gibb family emigrated there, had its greatest success with the soundtrack to the 1977 movie "Saturday Night Fever," which also launched the film career of its star, John Travolta.

In addition to his success with the Bee Gees, Gibb enjoyed renown as a solo artist and a producer in a career that spanned nearly five decades.

Gibb founded the Bee Gees along with two of his brothers, Maurice and Barry, in 1963. They enjoyed success in the 60s and early 70s, before finding their stride with their falsetto voicing and harmonies on what are now disco classics.

The singer's last performance came in February of this year at a charity event in London, and his gaunt appearance led to speculation that he was seriously ill. Colon and liver cancer were discovered during intestinal surgery in 2010, which led to several shows in Brazil being cancelled.

Gibb, who was born on the Isle of Man, died in London.

mz/tj (Reuters, AFP)