Bayern Munich′s Rafinha apologizes for ′Arab bomber′ Halloween costume | News | DW | 02.11.2018
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Bayern Munich's Rafinha apologizes for 'Arab bomber' Halloween costume

The Bayern Munich defender was photographed wearing a headscarf and holding a package with the word "caution." The image was posted on the Bavarian club's official Twitter account but has since been deleted.

Bayern Munich defender Rafinha apologized Thursday after his "Arab bomber" costume sparked backlash on social media.

Rafinha, 33, was seen in a photograph with his Bayern teammates, who were also in costume, wearing a headscarf and carrying a package that read "Vorsicht" ("caution").

The image was tweeted from the club's official Twitter account, but the post has since been deleted.

"I can imagine you are so disappointed. This picture does not represent who I am as I respect every culture and religion including yours. I am sorry," the defender wrote in an Instagram post.

"Halloween is a scary celebration with exaggerated costumes, it was not my intention to anger anyone through my disguise or hurt someone's feelings," he said on his Twitter account.

dv/bw (AFP, dpa)