Bavaria - In the Footsteps of King Ludwig II | Discover Germany | DW | 25.05.2013
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Discover Germany

Bavaria - In the Footsteps of King Ludwig II

Ludwig II of Bavaria had castles and palaces built that reflected all his dreams and desires. That's how he became known as the fairy-tale king - a fascinating figure to this day.

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Ludwig II had Herrenchiemsee Palace modeled on Versailles. At a length of 77 meters, his hall of mirrors is even four meters longer than the original outside Paris. Further west, in the Allgäu region, stands Bavaria's most famous castle: Neuschwanstein. It's modeled on a medieval fortified castle, and its idyllic location makes it unique. Ludwig II, who died in 1886, never lived to see it completed. Nowadays about 1.3 million visitors a year come to admire it. Linderhof Palace lies slightly further to the east. The fairy-tale king actually lived here, and listened to the music of Richard Wagner in his very own artificial cave: the Venus Grotto.

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